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The Paper Bag releases guidelines for high-quality paper carrier bags

4th European Paper Bag Day: contributing to a sustainable future

Enhancing a brand’s value with paper bags

Reusability of paper bags, 3rd European Paper Bag Day, 18 October 2020

Sustainable forest management – a central element in the value chain of paper bags

Celebrating the 2nd European Paper Bag Day, 18 October 2019


The European Paper Bag Day enters its second round

European Paper Bag Day, 18 October 2018


The Paper Bag initiates first European Paper Bag Day

Paper bags gain ground in Europe

Paper carrier bag converters and kraft paper producers join forces for a sustainable world

Germany: Paper carrier bags - for the environment

When purchasing a carrier bag, consumers can actively contribute to the protection of the environment. CEPI Eurokraft, the European association for manufacturers of kraft paper for the packaging industry, explains why paper bags are the environmentally friendly choice.

Sweden: Choose the right carrier bag

Plastic littering is one of the biggest threats to biodiversity in the ocean. Larger plastic particles cause various types of damage to mammals and birds. Microparticles of plastics can be absorbed into aquatic organisms and thus enter the food value chain. In 2015, the European Commission decided that all Member States should significantly reduce the consumption of thin plastic carrier bags to get out of this problem. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has investigated and proposed how Sweden and its citizens could reduce the use of plastic carrier bags in line with the EC Directive. It is important to choose the right carrier bag. Consumers should ask for a paper carrier bag whenever they forget their own carrier bag at home!

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