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For high quality and reusability

A paper bag carries a wide range of products – from luxury, fashion and decorative items to food, pharmaceuticals and electronics. It needs the adequate capacity to safely carry all kinds of products. And it must be strong enough to support the weight of the goods inside whilst being able to withstand the rigours of transportation. The key to performance lies in the material and the construction of the bag. Virgin kraft paper is especially developed for demanding packaging. Due to its long and strong virgin fibres, it has a high level of mechanical strength. The choice of glue and the proficient construction of the handles add even more to the bag’s strength and durability.

Reusable packaging

An industry guideline published by CEPI Eurokraft and EUROSAC gives paper bag producers and their customers orientation on parameters that influence the resistance and durability of paper carrier bags. According to the guideline, high-quality paper carrier bags shall be able to carry home at least 6 kg of products from the supermarket and be reused up to five times for the same purpose. Making sure that the paper bag is produced to achieve high-quality also ensures that the bag can be reused many times, thus saving natural resources.

Quality standard and certification

Paper bag durability can be measured in accordance with the European test standard EN13590:2003. This standard is based on scientifically conducted studies and helps retailers to avoid poor-quality carrier bags. The quality certification system for paper bags is based on this standard. The test method subjects the carrier bag to heavy weights while being lifted repeatedly. The size of the paper bag is taken into account because the larger its volume, the heavier the load it must be able to carry. As a result of the certification, the paper bag is marked with the weight and volume it may carry. It is wise to choose a tested and certified paper bag. 

More information on the testing method is available in The Green Book, or visit the website of the testing institute.

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