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The bag that helps you engage with consumers

For enhancing the brand

Paper shopping bags are an excellent and inexpensive vehicle to project the brand image of retailers. Paper is very tactile due to its texture and shape. Its outstanding print quality and colour reproduction allow for great creativity in advertising and development of the brand image. Furthermore, they achieve maximum visibility and great appreciation from customers. Paper bags create emotional links between the retailer and their customers who often use them to carry their personal belongings.

infographic showing how many consumers are affected by paperbags with brand

Showing environmental commitment

Paper bags are in line with a modern and sustainable consumer lifestyle. Using paper bags involves giving a clear signal of commitment to the environment and improves the quality of life of consumers. By using packaging made from renewable, recyclable and biodegradable sources, retailers and brand owners contribute to reducing the use of non-biodegradable shopping bags and promoting greater environmental education. Thus, paper bags are a visible part of the corporate social responsibility that a retail brand can develop

man and woman carrying paper bags in mall in front of escalator

Consumers prefer paper

Aspects of a sustainable lifestyle become more and more important for European consumers. A study3 determined the following environmental concerns of European consumers:

  • Increased demand for environmentally friendly packaging
  • Less waste production
  • Easy-to-understand certifications
  • Environmentally friendly materials: renewable, biodegradable and reusable
  • Good packaging is what “is good for me and for the Earth”

This mindset is already reflected in changes in consumer behaviour: According to a survey 4 72% of consumers buy more environmentally friendly products today than five years ago. And 81% plan to buy more environmentally friendly products over the next five years. Also, a product’s packaging plays an important role: 72% of Europeans prefer products with environmentally friendly packaging.5

For more information on how paper bags enhance your brand in retail and help you engage with consumers, please turn to The Green Book

infographic from the green book, showing consumer thoughts about paper bags


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